India is Brahmean 02

India is Brahmin Brahmin is India India must be broken to Annihiliate Caste Reading Kuffir’s post regarding this and comments (in discussion with another) on the post gave me more clarity and understanding, hence I am compiling them and sharing here – === the idea of india should disappear..and only … Continue reading

India is Brahmean 02

As long as India exists the atrocities on Dalits, adivasis, minorities, kashmiris, NE will not end. As long as India exists there is no peace. As long as India exists there is no justice. For, India is Brahmean. Brahmean is India.

Terrorist and Terrorism

“Terrorist and Terrorism” are words defined by the nation states for the very purpose of keeping their oppressive power intact and then you get to read – ~~ Countries must refrain from hosting terrorist acts: India “States must refrain from organizing, instigating, facilitating, participating in, financing, encouraging or tolerating terrorist … Continue reading

Macbeth 01

While Macbeth Went insane Desperately Trying to wash The blood off Her hands The ‪#‎brahmean‬ Sleeps Eats Celebrates Continues To live Sane Refusing To see The blood Of millions On his hands – November 1 2014 at 8:42pm


All the saviours of traditions, the grand south Asian culture, be it sarees, handicrafts, sculpture, pottery or whatnot are in their masterful deception doing nothing but saving, strengthening, propogating ‪#‎brahmincal‬ casteist oppression. dear Huma puts it so well – “please read on to see how caste is erased from, and … Continue reading

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