India is Brahmean 02

November 8, 2014

India is Brahmin
Brahmin is India
India must be broken to
Annihiliate Caste
Reading Kuffir’s post regarding this and comments (in discussion with another) on the post gave me more clarity and understanding, hence I am compiling them and sharing here –

the idea of india should disappear..and only with that will the idea of the brahmin and of purity and pollution – and of structures of graded inequality which they span – disappear.
they’re one idea. brahmin and india, can’t be separated.
they’re not co-terminus..they’re the same idea..the existence of andhra itself, within india, is evidence that the brahmin and india are one fused idea..if there were no brahmins, most of these cultural ‘abnormalities’ like andhra wouldn’t be a part of india at all..
India is the brahmin.. that is the only common thread which binds india..a negative bond.
delhi wasn’t ever centre of an empire in the strict sense it is now..we had our own sultans ruling from golconda..who sometimes paid tributes to the delhi badshahs..most times they did was a very loose kind of was because the qutb shahis had been negligent in salaaming delhi that aurangzeb came all the way to golkonda, laid siege to it for eight monthsm, got in through treachery, destroyed their reign and installed the nizams as governors..who declared their own sovereignty even before a couple of decades had passed..
well, all of them (Deccan Empires) were empires on their own..and had to only pay an occasional nod towards delhi..
The point is that the idea of the brahmin is the strongest now because his political brainchild of the indian state has much more strength – culturally, socially, politically – than ever before in has one of largest state machineries in the world.. it has reached its fullest potential now.
it is the strongest now. that’s why more dalit bahujans are enslaved now than ever before in history.. a tiny percentage becoming govt officers actually pproves my theory..and this percentage is the highest in regional state govts..not in the centre or in the central psus where over 90% reserved jobs are still unfilled..
we are the weakest when we think this (what we have in the given system) is the best we deserve..
It is the modern institutions of democracy that enabled empowerment to a little extent for the weaker sections, not the indian state..that’s the truth. in fact the indian state has ensured that we get only what the brahmin wants us to have..