Patriarchy in a nutshell

Women told they come from the rib of a man Women stoned for adultery Women lynched for defying the diktats of the male elders Women burnt for not bringing in enough dowry Women having their genitals mutilated to curb desire Women veiled to protect them from male desires Women unveiled … Continue reading


We stab her We dishonor her She is tortured She gets violated We put her through hell We do it again and over again She is stoned to death She is treated like a lesser mortal We abuse her We blame her She is seldom encouraged She is mostly ridiculed … Continue reading


The umbilical chord didn’t set me free I was bound in chains of territory, borders, traditions, culture, honour, norms, scriptures, dogma The priest shrieked, the pandit hollered, the mulla yelped Curious neighbours gawked while cronies watched My spirit wept The soul sobbed Birds mocked me with their freedom songs The … Continue reading

The colors of occupation

Militarily occupied Politically appropriated History distorted Dignity denied Bodies tortured Bodies humiliated Bodies raped Bodies disappeared Socially messed up Culturally domesticated Economically exploited Educationally excluded Dissent declared illegal Protests branded separatists Freedom declared unacceptable Tibetans, Kashmiris , Baloch …. Different names, different occupiers, similar dehumanisation And yet resistance unextinguished By¬†Dibyesh … Continue reading

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