her war-cry

The war-cry is what I have heard, felt, seen, understood and perceived. These are the cries that are at times loud, howling, subtle, whispering, muffled, soft, gentle, silent but are more often absent.

Cries that are often absent are the most toughest to write about, cause the victim doesn’t perceive the oppression one is (has been) subjected to. Conditioning makes it an acceptable part of them and their life. Often talking about these will be met with disbelief, denial,¬†defense and also feeling of defamed.

It has been tough for me to begin this blog – to come out in the open with my thinking sword. But I have been convinced by my partner that it is important, for me and others, that I share what is within me.

I am totally in love with myself as human for having sensory, emotional and rational ability.

I sense, I feel and I think – therefore I am.

Everything (almost everything) that I experience and come across are subjected to questions, analysis, introspection, debate, discussions and conclusions are reached and opinions made. Here, I present, my thoughts, interpretations and opinions. I write about myself and I shall write about you. And they shall come from my very core. I am sure these voices will resonate — probably you will know it is about me or you. Probably someone else will also know it is about me or you. Behind the words however, the stories are not at all about me or you, as much as they are about the patriarchal society we live in and have been conditioned to believe in. And this is the state of the society I have a problem with.

You might of course differ in opinion. But then let your voice meet mine in a healthy discussion or a debate. It is as much your society as it is mine!

As I grow each day, I change and so will my thinking, and hence my opinions. My opinions are not any kind of ultimate or never-wavering-truths.  They are contextual Рin terms of time, space, society and conditions (internal & external) to me. But they are true to the given time and may last for long periods. I hold all rights to change, discard and strengthen them as I learn, deem fit and evolve.