Inclusive Feminism

What is this “half the population”, “half the population” the feminists keep harping about? The binaries continue in the feminist talk Suddenly, the feminists are all about being inclusive. Oh! Let’s be inclusive, stretch out and include men from our own privileged section than to build genuine solidarity with women … Continue reading

Art of Progressive Politics

“The book is about conveying the fact that when the working class take to the path of struggle, they will succeed.” – The self-proclaimed “dalit” writer about her book Gypsy Goddess Write a book on caste massacre, caste atrocities and promote it as class struggle. The art of progressive politics.

In Solitude

Calmness Keeps me Company In my Solitude. I wander Glad Happy In leisure Picking Thoughts Old posts Chit chats In this Connected Solitude With Leonard Singing softly

India is Brahmean 02

India is Brahmin Brahmin is India India must be broken to Annihiliate Caste Reading Kuffir’s post regarding this and comments (in discussion with another) on the post gave me more clarity and understanding, hence I am compiling them and sharing here – === the idea of india should disappear..and only … Continue reading

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