The eyes

The eyes Search Seek Envision Engrave The horizons Of days to come Of Azadi Holding within A million Stories Of Suffering Anguish Anger Pain Loss Longing Struggles Of Years And years Tears flooded Tears swallowed Tears that Have refused to emerge. The eyes That refuse To forget The dreams dreamt … Continue reading

The bra

  Bra (Brassiere) is a woman undergarment and there is no SHAME in it being “SEEN” in the public space or by MEN. I am so fucking tired of having every fucking Indian film showing a peeking bra or a hanging bra or a bra somewhere and trying to send … Continue reading

Sunday Closed

I love what a Sunday with all shopping centers closed does to a community. People get out to do activities – walk, play, see an event or something else – be it in and around the neighborhood, city center or outdoors. Young, old, couples, families, .. It feels so relaxed … Continue reading

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