Compassion hurts

As a 7th grader I struggled identifying as a human, it felt terrible. All the suffering humans inflicted on other humans, animals and environment. I told my father I “hated” humankind and wished I wasn’t part of it. It tore me apart.  My father laughed and called me crazy little … Continue reading

Explain love

There is love. And, there is love. And then, there is love.. How shall I name them? How shall I define? How shall I tag and tell each of them apart? How shall I prove that it is this and not that Or nothing else for sure. How shall I? … Continue reading

Patriarchy in a nutshell

Women told they come from the rib of a man Women stoned for adultery Women lynched for defying the diktats of the male elders Women burnt for not bringing in enough dowry Women having their genitals mutilated to curb desire Women veiled to protect them from male desires Women unveiled … Continue reading

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