Dear Norway

  A performance by Frans Jacobi and TheNakedKaali as part of Forrådt – Kunstfestival og alternativ valgvake Dear Norway, Today you are taking an important step. Today you are taking an important decicion. Today, Norway is one of the richest countries in the world. The richest country in the world? What does … Continue reading


QUIET!! I scream. Unable to stand the ruckus in my head! “Is this a fish market? Or a playground? or a flock of crows?” I demand. Clothed in all colors Coming in all shapes and sizes some happy and playful some grumpy and sick some angry and hostile some loving … Continue reading

Happy Solstice

Celebrate the beauty of the turning earth the burning sun the system which keeps us going round and round! Happy Solstice Everyone! -*- The dark days will soon be over the light shall seep longer for the earth shall turn to face the sun Happy Winter Solstice! PS: The above … Continue reading

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