The dark night

The dark night slowly warming up to the heat of my body. The heavy grey clouds having poured all their passion through the day float light-weighted in ecstasy. The content moon smiles in the embrace of the floating clouds. The stars look on as lovers snuggle into deep sleep.

Silent Talks

I stir gently at the horizon of deep sleep and drugged awareness. Sliding between memories of lovemaking, dreams of passion and your immediate presence. Like the still lake mirroring the passing clouds my face reflects varying emotions. From behind this veil, my eyes find you smiling down at me. I … Continue reading

Mundane Living 02

mundane living rhythmic zenly repetitive like breath like heartbeat like living like loving. mundane living everyday over and again and yet again inspiring to live to love like the clouds over the mountains like the Bergen rains Like grey light of cloudy days. mundane living living loving everyday over and … Continue reading

Mundane Living 01

coming home to empty space lingering wandering around laying undecided wondering listening to bollywood music cooking eating dinner watching a dumb movie listening to bollywood music doing dishes setting up home folding washed panties checking for you mails mundane living

Sunday Morning

13:18 13:19 13:20 The clock on my phone changes numbers as I hold it and wonder what to post on Facebook. Half asleep, half woken Still lingering in the confines Of coziness, Alone . Connecting across timezones Wandering wondering wading Through time and space Empty space Grey Cloudy daylight sneaking … Continue reading